Sunday, May 12, 2013

Dear friends in the Dharma,
                       I hope every one of you is doing well, in good health and spirit. I am doing well here in Vienna as I was invited as a guest professor at the University to teach for sometime.

In this great auspicious month of Saga Dawa and today being Mothers day, I would like to write few words to share with you.

On these auspicious days we have to remember loving kindness and compassion and try to act practically for the sake of all mother sentient beings.

Mother is one of the kindest people in the world, so our responsibity is to repay their kindness, we have to practice sincerely with loving kindness and compassion regardless of our religion, nationality and culture.

We are all living on this earth as such a big family and all our goals are the same as none of us would like to have suffering and problems. In order to achieve peace and harmony we have to cultivate the right causes and conditions. Without the right causes and conditions of the right attitude, positive motivation and action nothing beneficial can be achieved. Therefore, our Buddha Sakyamuni, the omniscient one always emphasizes the law of Karma.

As every one knows that this is a very special month called Saga Dawa as our Lord Buddha took a birth, achieved enlightened mind and parinirvana. So, everyone of his followers has to remember his kind teachings which are so very useful in helping us to overcome our negative emotions, bring increasing inner peace and happiness and deal with our day to day problems.

Buddha emphasized not to harm others. It is especially important to respect the lives all beings including the whole of the animal kingdom and to be a vegetarian. If being a vegetarian is difficult please refrain from eating meat/flesh during Saka Dawa.

May Buddha’s teachings spread all over the world.
May all the holy Masters have long life and spread their Dharma teachings and bodhisattva activities in the ten directions.
May all mothers be happy and have their wishes fulfilled soon.

With lots of prayers and greeting
Khenpo Rangdol

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